Who is Jess OS?

I’ve moved! You can now find me at jessieos.com

I’m an Aussie who has been working in professional communications/marketing roles for the past eight years.

One day, I decided to buy a ticket to the other side of the world to travel and teach English as a second language (it wasn’t that spontaneous but you get the idea).


I’m sick of working a 9am-5pm office job (Ahem, yeah right. Does anyone ever do just 9-5?). To me, it seems like a boring way to spend the next five decades of my life.

I’m also fed up with the fickle weather of my home city. I want sunny days where I don’t need to wear three layers of clothing – in summer – just in case the weather decides to change its mind 10 minutes after I walk out the door.

So, before I become employed again, I plan on dancing a lot of salsa, learning another language and discovering places I didn’t know existed.

With a little travel under my belt and a ‘fresh’ TESOL qualification (and a wee bit of “What on Earth am I doing?”), I’m off to explore more of the world.

Hopefully I have some great experiences I can share with family, friends (old and new) and of course Google.

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